People’s history

On this page, we profile other projects and events that use oral history, local history and the history of ordinary people. We try to put the most recent first, but please scroll down as a lot of these events and websites continue to exist virtually…

Follow this link to hear Selina Todd talk to BBC Radio 4’s Laurie Taylor about the place of class and youth in her book, Young Women, Work, and Family in England, 1918-1950.

National Women’s Library

Ms Understood Exhibition about Women’s Liberation Movement

The National Women’s Library is free and open to all. It is situated in London. Its regular exhibitions include Ms Understood until April 2010.

People’s History Museum, Manchester

It is back! This museum has been shut for several years but has reopened in a snazzy new central venue. Check out the great website and their fantastic exhibitions.

Bold Street, Liverpool:

Check out this excellent interview between John McGuirk (who contributed to voicesofpostwarengland) and Bold Street Bill. As John shows, oral history is a fantastic way of finding out about places and people. You don’t need specialist equipment or training – just some good questions and an interest in your subject!

Angels with Manky Faces and The Gangs of Manchester

Working-class youth culture and the anxiety it has sometimes raised was not new to postwar Britain. Click here to learn more about young people, class and crime in Victorian Britain, and read about Andrew Davies’s book The Gangs of Manchester: The Story of the Scuttlers, Britain’s First Youth Cult.

Angels with Manky Faces is a fantastic play by Mad Theatre Company, based on The Gangs of Manchester. It sold out TWELVE performances in Manchester’s Library and Dancehouse Theatres in 2009, reaching over 3,000 people, and was given an Inspiring Voices award by the National Media Trust for its innovative use of film (see some of the film on Youtube here). The cast and crew all live and work in north Manchester.

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