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  1. Hi.
    I have just come across your website and watched the excellent video of the Liverpool Overhead Railway.

    It is referred to very briefly in my first published book ‘Ernie Who…? (Non-Fiction) which relates to my young life in Bootle before, during and after WW2. You may find my website of intrest.

    The book is about a young lad who was brought up in extremely adverse conditions, joined the Police Force as a last resort, rose through the ranks before retiring and going into business at the age of 50. His late success has enabled him to travel the world in luxury.

    I would be delighted to contribute to any project on my beloved home town.


    Ernie Jackson.

  2. This is a brilliant and much-needed site. It’s so exciting to read so many personal testimonies of post-war life in British cities – what it was like to move to cities, to live in prefabs and tower blocks, to work in the factories. I can’t wait to see it grow and diversify even further. Thank you Selina and Hilary.

  3. I am interested in doing some interviews with women who worked in male occupations like construction and engineering during the second world war, they are all now very old. Firstly, has this been done, and, if not, would it be of interest and can you advise me


    Ann Simpson

  4. My family lived in 4 Lineside Rd We were one of the first families to move into the prefabs our neighbours were the Smiths at no1 the Nappers at no 6 the Algers at no 3 I was two when we moved in (1947) One of my earliest memories was following the policehorse to Joeseph Williams school me and my friends then went to Belle Vale school which was brand new my photo was in the Echo to celebrate the opening
    I remember the names of some teachers Mr Heady miss Ellis Miss Bellis I was also Elizabeth 1st in a pageant we had I also remember dressing up as a Chiese girl for May Day Pageant I could go on and on Unfortunately my Dad died and we moved to Wales in 1955 but I had a woderful childhood in the prefabs
    Carole Frayne (Wilinson)

  5. Hello I was part of a young family who lived on a prefab estate in Litherland Liverpool from about 1948. My mum had been in a Japenese Prisoner of War camp and met my Father who was in the British Indian Army and married out in the Dutch East Indies. They had me in London in 1947 and then returned to my dad’s roots in Litherland were we all lived with my Grannie and Grandad and my dad’s younger brothers. This I guess would classify us as homeless and when my brother was born in 1948 we moved to a lovely prefab. I lived there for 21 years and when I was 22 they decided to take the prefabs down and rehoused my mum in a flat in Litherland. I loved the prefab and the friends I had all around me. We played in the street in those days, skipping, whip and top, house. It was a great time. We often went on trips with one of the mum’s who didn’t have to go to work. We would pack a sandwich and a drink of water and go on the bus to Seaforth and then on the overhead railway to Liverpool then on the Ferry to New Brighton. It was very exciting to us young ones. Some families had several children and they would share the second bedroom. Mum and Dad would often have the youngest baby in with them. We only had two of us – my brother and I shared and loved chatting to one another when we were put to bed.My mum didn’t like us talking so we invented a communication system with a string and we would pull it 1 for A 2 for B. it took us a while but it was a great game and kept us out of trouble. Our life was not the easiest as mum had to work and especially me as the girl I had to do many domestic chores for Mum but on reflection it was a happy carefree childhood. Simple pleasures lots of fresh air, friends to play with. We lived in a detached house with a built in oven and fridge. That was luxury in those days. A proper bathroom with a water tank – that too was not usual many people still had tin baths. They were lovely homes with loads of storage and space. A good sized garden to play in. We were very fortunate.

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