Community, family and class

Jean Eagles was born in Liverpool in 1946 and lived in Myrtle House, a tenement block of flats, in the inner city. In the following excerpt she details a common experience for many people, the close proximity of her extended family:

Length of audio clip: 1 min 57 secs.

Jean: But, yeah, as I say, growing up in the tenements and, you know, like years ago everyone was sort of the same weren’t they. I never ever thought there was rich people, I always thought everyone was poor and it’s only as you get old and you listen to people go, we went on holiday, we had this, we had a garden I think, god there must have been rich people. You know because we certainly weren’t, you know. So…

Hilary: What was Myrtle House like?

Jean: There was, how many? Twenty-three, so there was four storeys of twenty-three, there was no number thirteen cos that was unlucky, they never ever had a thirteen and we lived in fifteen D and my auntie lived in fourteen D, and we also had an auntie that lived in twelve C. But my mum, well we called her mam we didn’t call her mum, me mam’s sister, two sisters and a brother lived next door to us. But then they all moved from Myrtle House to Minto Street in Kensington so they all sort of still kept together you know as sisters and that.

Hilary: When did they make that move (talk over) from Myrtle House to Minto Street?

Jean: When the tennies were getting knocked down, it was compulsory, they had to move, yeah […]

Hilary: Can I take you back a bit and ask, I mean, you kind of explained that, you know, a lot of her sisters and her brother were kind of living in Myrtle House, where had they lived before? Where had your mum and her family grown up?

Jean: Well they all, most of them from the tennies, all moved up from Scotland Road, Christian Street, you know they all sort of lived there, and then umm just, I think it was after the war it was all tennies weren’t it, I can’t remember, and they all moved up, so they were all like neighbours you know from down Christian Street way. Like that’s where my dad came from round that way, Scotland Road, Gerrard Gardens, one of the, one of my aunties lived in Gerrard Gardens.


  1. Hello Jean I was born and bred in Myrtle House,we lived in 2a on the first landing.I remember the McGloughlins lived in 15d,the Griersons lived in 14d and the Gerrards lived in 12c.Are you bobby McGloughlins sister.What a great place to live and be brought up in.Both my parents came from Scotland Rd,my dad from Mold St and my mother from the courts in Slade St.I would love to find photographs of the old tennies from the 40s-50s-60s.All the best……Ken

    • Hi Ken

      Came across this site when browsing have tried for years to get in contact with an old friend Joyce Neary lived 16a Myrtle House Tennements. Last went on Holiday to Ireland in 1960 lost touch , believed she went to work in southport had a brother John. stepfather Hyslop would be lovely to hear from her again’

      Kind regards Mary

    • Hello,
      I just stumbled upon this while researching Myrtle House. I am researching my relatives, Christopher and Sarah O’hare who had lived in 3A Myrtle House at the time of Christopher’s death in 1949. I believe they had four children: Christopher Jr. ,Julia, Patrick and James. Ken, would you happen to know them?
      thank you,

  2. i was born in 7c 3 rd landing my mum and dad was mary and tommy cashman in the 60 s my brothers were geffo tommy paul steven my sisters were veronica barbara rhoda doreen rosemary and mary

  3. Hi Ken came across this page wondered if you knew the people who lived 16a Myrtle house in 1960s have for yrs trid to find a very good friend of mine Joyce Neary. Kind regards Mary.

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