Posted by: Selina Todd | December 5, 2008

Love Lane Lives: a great insight into Liverpool’s forgotten history

Many people across Britain and further afield have had to deal with the consequences of workplace closures over the last few decades. Losing your job doesn’t just affect your budget – it can have devastating effects for your family and for entire communities. The Love Lane Lives Project is focused on the campaign by Tate and Lyle employees to keep Liverpool’s Love Lane sugar refinery open. Unfortunately, the campaign wasn’t successful, but the project testifies to the strength of group of workers, their families and friends in fighting for their jobs and their Vauxhall community. Check out the new website, which showcases the project. Although the workers lost their fight to save the refinery, their campaign has led to a film, archive and ongoing work to commemorate the Sugarland community. The website demonstrates how much we can learn from their experiences in planning for the uncertain consequences of the ‘credit crunch’.


  1. my father & my wifes father were employed at Tates , my father was willie struth & was in tates around 1962-63 engineer , my wifes father was bobby potter late 50s , also an arthur & yanny potter they were there for the 50s & 60s , i would be interested if you could give any information concerning any of the people mentioned, thanks Willie Struth [ merchant seaman ] .

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