Posted by: hilary young | September 1, 2008

Coventry Evening Telegraph Press Release

The press release for the oral history project in Coventry in Spring 2007 attracted a phenomenal number of replies from people born in Coventry; people who moved there in the initial postwar period as children with their families or as young adults to find work or who had found love during the war and were following their heart; people who no longer live in the City but live in other areas of the country or live abroad now, also got in touch. Thank you! We were unable to interview everyone but we hope that this site and blog will be of interest to you. You are very welcome to comment on any of the content and include your own memories of living in and working in Coventry.

Remembering life in Coventry\'s Boom Years

The picture of the Locarno Ballroom included in the Coventry Evening Telegraph prompted Alan Watkins to get in touch. He was able to identify himself and his then girlfriend, now wife, Veronica, celebrating New Year’s Eve in the Locarno c. 1960s.

Alan and Veronic Watkins Locarno Ballrom, Coventry c.1960s

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